Research has confirmed that when using an all in one combination of protein, carbohydrate and electrolyte like E3, there is a significant boost in performance, energy, hydration and recovery when used before, during, and after exercise.

Some of the benefits of E3s complete and balanced formula are:

  1. Improved performance and endurance
  2. Increased muscle protein synthesis and lean muscle accretion
  3. Increased VO2 max performance
  4. Increased carbohydrate availability
  5. Increased fat oxidation
  6. Significant reduction in recovery times
  7. Reduced hunger
  8. Made in Australia to ensure purity, consistency, and performance.


As the building blocks of the muscles; protein is naturally produced by the body to repair any damage caused by intense exercise – a process known as muscle protein synthesis. Taking protein before, during, and after exercise increases the production of nine essential amino acids including phenylalanine, leucine, and threonine, leading to improved muscle protein synthesis and lean muscle growth.

In addition, the early use of protein in an exercise program has the added benefit of reducing the breakdown of the muscle fibres, significantly reducing recovery times, and improving performance. Protein also improves the bodies ability to oxidise fats, giving you greater access to your bodies stored energy.
Like high-performance race cars, our body’s ability to maximise oxygen use is critical to achieving maximum performance. Studies have demonstrated that the addition of protein to an athlete’s supplement increases the body’s VO2 max performance, which is the ability to utilise oxygen to maximum capacity during intense exercise.


To ensure the maximum benefits of protein, E3 uses the finest New Zealand grass-fed premium whey protein isolate, which is purer and contains approximately 20% more protein per gram than whey protein concentrate.

This delivers a highly concentrated source of protein that is lower in fat and carbohydrates with only one-third of the lactose, making it safer for people who are lactose intolerant. The protein is rapidly digested by the body, allowing fast absorption of beneficial nutrients into the bloodstream and muscles. Additionally, the protein assists with ensuring that you don’t feel hungry during exercise.


Carbohydrates are critical to performance during endurance and medium to high-intensity exercise. Glucose (polymers) are one of the primary forms of carbohydrates, but absorption is limited by the capacity of the Intestinal Glucose Transport System (SGLT1).
Fructose is transported through the GLUT5 system and can, therefore, increase the total available carbohydrate intake when ingested in conjunction with glucose, therefore allowing for greater exogenous carbohydrate oxidation rates.
In addition, fructose co-ingestion accelerates post-exercise (liver) glycogen repletion; this is critical if recovery time is less than 24 hours.


E3 Champion Formula is the best one-product-solution on the market. Its comprehensive and balanced formulation is powerfully effective, giving you a performance boost you that have to feel to believe.

“Pure power and fast recovery. E3 is number 1 on the market if you ask me!”

(Soren Nissen, 20 years of cycling experience)

2018 Luxembourgish Elite Champion MTB Marathon (XCM)

2018 Luxembourgish Elite Champion MTB Cross Country (XCO)

2018 Luxembourgish Elite Champion Cyclo-Cross (CX)