Paul Blackbeard

World Champion Swimmer and Lifesaver

Having used the new Vegan, Pea and Rice Protein, I think it has a great smooth taste and hopefully the same winning performance.

As a vegan, the non-dairy protein sits well with my stomach and is not too sweet. The natural chocolate flavour is also pleasantly mild given I’m not usually a big chocolate fan.

Give it a try, hopefully you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.


Michael Booth

4 x SUP World Distance Champion

Over the years, I have tested a huge selection of products, looking for that something special to give me the edge over my competition.

From the moment I started using E3, I knew it was something special. I love the refreshing flavour of the product, I can go harder for longer, and I feel great afterwards.


Stefanie Van Amerongen

WA ATTA Cycling Champion

As a competitive cyclist for over 20 years I have always been driven to achieve. I knew the benefits of protein in muscle recovery but was skeptical of its benefits during competition.

After reviewing the new research and trying the re-formulated E3, my results speak for themselves. With stronger performances and faster recovery, it’s hard to fight the facts.


Søren Nissen

Professional Mountain Biker

After 20 year of racing I have never found a product this good. I have been using E3 for training and racing, with the improvement in my performance, I would have to call it a SUPERPRODUCT.

Carbohydrate and electrolyte drinks traditionally are way too sweet, but I love the taste of E3, and the addition of protein make this a must for any endurance sports.


Cyrus Milne

Long Distance Swimmer

E3’s balanced formula of protein, electrolytes, and carbohydrates give me the confidence to know that my body is fully fuelled allowing me to focus on my mental performance.

The mild flavour sits comfortably in my stomach, ensuring I don’t get ill and ensuring I remain hydrated while minimising fatigue and reducing my recovery.


Glenn Pesich

Sports Physiotherapist and Triathlete

Before using E3, I had to balance my electrolyte and carbs intake in a variety of ways to get me through the 70.3 and Ironman distance events. Having found E3, I can now hydrate and fuel myself while only eating half as much.

E3 tastes great, sits well in my stomach, and I would highly recommend it for training and competing. I can’t wait to see the benefits of using E3 in my upcoming triathlons!


Liam Johnston

International Cycling Champion

I have used E3 this season for training all the way up to 3 hour races. It’s the perfect blend of carbohydrates, electrolytes and protein, and enhances my performance in a mild and easy to digest form.

What really separates E3 from other product is its ability to assist in recovery. For consecutive days of racing, I’ll start each day knowing I’m at my best.